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Advantages of Hiring an Architect

  • Since an architect has the knowledge, skill, and experience to incorporate your ideas and needs into a quality design solution, you are more likely to get the design you desire.
  • An architect can revise a design without fear of it looking like an afterthought.
  • Depending on what you want, he can provide a full set of construction drawings down to a minimal set of drawings. Either way, the drawings provided will be easily understood and beneficial to your contractor.
  • You can submit your ideas and an architect can tell you if they are readily doable or not.
  • Practicing the profession of architecture, an architect will have the experience to come up with solutions to problems and design ideas that you might not have thought of.
  • If you hire full services, the Architect will provide construction administration services throughout the construction of your project. This means he will be the one dealing with the contractor, not you. He will keep you current as to the project’s construction progress and if the construction is meeting the intend of the design, etc.

Advantages of Hiring a Smaller Firm

  • You deal directly with the architect and owner of the firm.
  • The design and construction drawings of your entire project are created by a licensed architect, not by an intern or cad technician.
  • There is considerably less chance of miscommunication among the team members.
  • You will have quicker access to the architect to discuss any specifics of your project.
  • Construction administration is performed by the architect, the one who did the design, not by an intern or other employees.
  • You get quicker responses to your questions which provide you with the timely answers you need.
  • Most importantly, smaller projects are just as important to us as larger ones because, being smaller ourselves, we fully appreciate and understand that smaller does not mean less important or less capable.

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